Adjustable scooter with 3 light silicone wheels, color – Blue.
Children’s scooters with three light wheels ideal for beginners and advanced, made of durable and lightweight plastic material, with silicone wheels provided with LEDs.Three-wheeled children’s scooter, perfect for the most beautiful walks with the child in the park, on the street or in the yard of the house.

Being a scooter for children starting with the age of 3 years ( it can also be used by children aged 2 years under the close supervision of an adult ), the handlebars are fixed, do not turn left / right and the turns are made in full safety, avoiding situations in which the child may become unbalanced, unlike rotating handlebar scooters (recommended for children over 4 years of age or for children who have already learned to ride a scooter).

To take turns, the child must tilt / swing the handlebars to the left or right, depending on the desired direction.
This method helps to develop coordination and maintain balance during walks.

Features Adjustable Scooter Scooter for children with 3 light wheels :

  • it is provided with 3 silicone wheels with the help of which the scooter runs silently;
  • silicone wheels are provided with LED lights that illuminate while driving;
  • dimensions / diameter of front wheels: 120 mm x 25 mm (12cm x 2.5cm);
  • dimensions / diameter of rear wheels: 8cm – at the rear, the scooter is provided with 2 wheels to ensure maximum stability while walking ;
  • shows the brake on the back
  • the foot plate / platform is provided with anti-slip grooves, it is wide, specially designed for stability during walks;
  • plate dimensions: 37cm length (the part where you stand with your feet) x 14cm width;
  • the handlebar is equipped with anti-slip handles;
The handlebar is adjustable in height, provided with several height steps, it can be adjusted to:
  • 65cm high – normal handlebar position;
  • 77cm high – handlebar raised to step 1;
  • 82cm high – handlebar raised to step 2;
  • 87cm high – handlebar raised to step 3.
The scooter is very easy to assemble.
The maximum allowed weight / mass is 46 kg. 
Recommended age : 3 years +.
Color : Blue.Information: We recommend wearing protective equipment when the child uses this product!